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Precision medicine in non-communicable diseases

Yulia pavlikova

One of society's biggest accomplishments throughout the 20th century was the extension of life expectancy, which resulted in a dramatic rise in the proportion and number of elderly people in almost every nation on earth. One of the main effects of this phenomena is the load of chronic diseases, which drastically reduces elderly people's quality of life and puts pressure on the effectiveness and sustainability of healthcare systems. Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are regarded as a global emergency because they cause more than 70% of fatalities globally. Additionally, complex and multidimensional disorders including hypertension, diabetes, and obesity are caused by NCDs. NCD epidemics are a result of complex interactions between development, economic growth, and health. The genetics, microbiome, metabolome, immunological state, and environmental elements like dietary intake and chemical exposure all participate in this process. Therefore, it is crucial to create a novel, customised, preventative, and early care strategy to combat NCDs by integrating different molecular profiles of people to find both the crucial biomarkers of NCD vulnerability and novel treatment targets.

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