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Opportunities in Breast Cancer Screening (BCS) in India through systems and complexity thinking

Shalu Pandey

Breast cancer is one of India's most serious health problems, with the number of cases rising year after year. This health concern has surpassed cervical cancer, which was formerly the most common malignancy in the country. Despite the launch of a groundbreaking statewide cancer screening programme in 2016, India recorded 1.8 million new breast cancer diagnoses in 2019 and 90,408 fatalities in 2020, putting the country's health systems under strain. These fatalities were projected to be twice as high as in the US, showing limited participation in these programmes, rendering Indian women more likely to obtain insufficient screening and late diagnosis. Coverage for breast cancer screening is extremely poor among the nation's various health objectives, demanding specific policy considerations. This review focuses on some of the most important difficulties and opportunities for advocating for and implementing systems and complexity thinking in cancer screenings, as well as how a holistic and culture-based approach could improve program participation and coverage. These factors may eventually contribute to improved health outcomes as well as sustainability and resilience in the country's complex sociopolitical eco-system

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