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Medical device: e-health services

James Phillips*

The delivery of health care is shifting from the hospital to the community and the home; e-health services, remote monitoring technologies, and selfmanagement are replacing hospitalization, while trips to the doctor's office and specially formulated medications are displacing standard treatments. The breadth and design of home health care equipment are greatly impacted by these advances. Electronic medical gadgets are now an essential component of contemporary healthcare. Currently, a wide range of electronic medical gadgets are utilized to treat patients, monitor bodily physiological parameters, provide therapy, and augment or even replace intricate biological processes. Such medical equipment includes cardiac pacemakers, cardioverter defibrillators, and cochlear implants, to name a few. The continual provision of adequate electricity to these devices is essential for their proper operation. In this regard, having a dependable, secure, and practical means of energy delivery is highly important. To meet the complex and varying energy requirements of medical equipment, several strategies have been devised.

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