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AhMITE1 influences the expression of trait-specific genes in peanut ( Arachis hypogaea L.)

Bhat RS1*, Choudhari R1, Jadhav MP1, Hampannavar MR1, Supriya SM1, Shirasawa K2

Arachis hypogaea Miniature Inverted repeat Transposable Element 1 (AhMITE1 ), a class II non-autonomous transposable element, was analyzed for its influence on the rate of expression of 25 trait specific genes in peanut. Of them, 14 genes could be considered for expression analysis based on the primer efficiency and availability of the minimal template transcripts in the samples for qRT-PCR. The allele with AhMITE1 insertion showed similar frequencies of up regulation and down regulation across 11 genotypes on 21st day after sowing. Overall, the region (upstream, UTR, intron, downstream etc.) of AhMITE1 insertion did not influence gene regulation, but the study revealed the importance of AhMITE1 in influencing the gene regulation and thereby the phenotype in peanut.

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