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Dental health and oral health behaviours of selected 45-74-year-olds

David Johnson

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the dental status and oral health behaviours of 45 years-74-year old. A questionnaire was used to collect demographic information, socioeconomic status, and oral health behaviours. Clinical evaluations of dental caries experience, oral hygiene, and a number of edentulous patients were performed. More than half of those polled said they washed their teeth once a day. Almost half of those polled said they had a check-up once every two years or less. Active nicotinism is harmed. The prevalence of decay, the mean DMFT, the mean API, and the edentulism prevalence. Increased DMFT and MT levels were substantially associated to age. Subjects with a high educational status had considerably reduced DMFT and MT scores. The participants in this study had limited health awareness and an inferior dental state. Dental and oral hygiene level were linked to sociodemographic and behavioural factors. The research population's low oral health suggests the need for increased pro-health education about dental care among elders.

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