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A Cross-sectional study of patient variables related to greater cancer concern, fatigue, and effect on work after a breast cancer diagnosis

Denial Smith

A breast cancer diagnosis may result in disabling effects which may persist after treatment. This study aimed to identify patient factors that are associated with increased cancer worry, fatigue, and impact on work. Methods: Women with a history of breast cancer, aged ≥18 years, and English-speaking were recruited through the Love Research Army between October and November 2019. Participants completed demographic and clinical questions alongside the BREAST-Q Cancer Worry, Fatigue, and Impact on Work scales. Univariable and multivariable regression analyses were used to identify participant characteristics associated with each scale. This study reveals patient characteristics associated with increased cancer worry, fatigue, and a negative impact on work following a breast cancer diagnosis. These findings can inform clinical and research initiatives to better support patients through treatment and survivorship. 

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